Nuvia wins contract to Integrate Innovative Decommissioning Technologies

Nuvia, the international nuclear engineering, project management and services contractor, has secured a £1.5 million pound contract from Innovate UK as part of the second phase of their Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) Integrated Innovation for Nuclear Decommissioning funding competition.

The UK’s Innovation agency, Innovate UK, has teamed together with the NDA to progress a Europe wide funding competition aimed at the demonstration and implementation of a tool box of innovative nuclear technologies, to provide scalable and transferable solutions to some of the UK’s greatest decommissioning challenges.

In response to the competition, Nuvia and its industrial and academic sub-contractors: PaR Systems, UKAEA RACE, Clicks & Links, ImiTec, Hu-Tech, University of Manchester and University of Bristol, have assembled a comprehensive and capable project team able to deliver innovative turnkey decommissioning solutions, that will be known as the ‘Nu-Decom’ project.

The team recognises that the decommissioning of an active building on the Sellafield site is a major engineering undertaking and that meeting the SBRI competition aims for safer, quicker, cheaper decommissioning will not be satisfied by a single item of innovative technology. As well as an innovative tool box, the use of advanced project management practices, information management and command and control technologies will play a key role in achieving the project’s drivers.

The Nu-Decom project will integrate a mixture of tried and tested state of the art technologies with the development and adoption of new technologies and practices. These need to be integrated with existing engineering delivery methods to ensure data compatibility and accessibility.

Nuvia’s Bob Bowen, a Remote Operations Specialist with 30 years’ experience in the nuclear industry notes: This is a perfect opportunity for Nuvia to apply our expertise and capabilities in the areas of remote operations and nuclear waste management alongside a range of cross sector innovative technologies. With our presence on numerous nuclear licensed sites throughout the UK and Worldwide, Nuvia is perfectly positioned to harness innovative UK capability and exploit this for the good of UK PLC.

Kurt Canfield, Nuvia’s Consultancy Divisional Director who is ultimately responsible for Nuvia’s Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) programmes added: we are proud to have been selected for Phase 2. Nuvia has significant and proven experience of realising innovative solutions to complex problems. This win will help strengthen our existing RDI efforts and open new business opportunities across the wider global nuclear decommissioning market. A position that Nuvia, along with its supply chain, are well suited to exploit.